"Learn All the Tricks on How to Airbrush Sinister Skulls and Scorching Hot Flames on Cars, Hot Rods, Bikes, Choppers and More..."

how to airbrush skulls


G-day I'm Stu from Australia,

I was one of those kids in class who instead of doing my work, I was drawing skulls and flames on everyone's title pages. 

I guess that explains why I can't spell (thank god for spell check) but at at least I could draw cool looking skulls!

In my business at least 50% of my commissioned work is based on painting skulls with flames!  And when I teach airbrushing this is the number one thing people want to learn how to airbrush! (even the chics want to know how to paint skulls and flames:)

Here are some snapshots I took at one of my weekend airbrush courses that I held.
Most of these guys had never had a go at painting skulls before. And some had never even held an airbrush!

       how to airbrush

If you want to learn how to airbrush really cool skulls - those crazy bad ass skulls others struggle to create. - what I'm about to share with you will blow your mind... 

It's not rocket science, with the right airbrushing techniques and a bit of practice you can airbrush killer skulls like this too!

You see, there are a handful of simple, easy techniques that can totally transform how you use your airbrush - and they're so quick to learn, they'll make a difference for you the very next time you paint.

motorbike custom paint
This is a bike I painted for a client. Actually, every image on this page
is either painted by me, Stuart Vimpani, or by my students.
No stock photos here.... what you see is the REAL deal!

In my latest dvd, I take you into my workshop and show you all my secrets on how I paint my signature skulls, tribal graphics and tru fire effects.

You'll learn the essential techniques of painting skulls and flames that will have you airbrushing kick ass, show stopping custom paint jobs by the time other courses will still have you painting the boring stuff like dots and lines.

airbrush skulls

...Here's just some of what I'm going to show you

an introduction to airbrushes

Intro To Airbrushes and Spray Guns

An introduction to different types of airbrushes and spray guns. The number one reason most people fail is not using the right equipment.

introducing airbrush stencils

Using Stencils

How to avoid the biggest mistakes people make when using stencils. I show you all the tricks on how to paint with stencils correctly. 

airbrush techniques and control

Airbrush Control  

The essential techniques on how to control your airbrush, required for any paint  job you take on.

preparing your surface

Surface Preparation

How to prepare an automotive surface ready for your artwork - the first step in any killer paint job. 


3D Skulls

The exact techniques on how to make your skulls look 3D so they leap right out at you!


True Fire   

Detailed instructions on painting the popular tru fire effect. 


Special Effects

Adding an intricate beveled tribal graphic.

As well as how to mix kandies and apply a kandy overlay.


Layering Graphics

How to create an impressive multi layered, 3 dimensional skull pile.

airbrush skulls

It's taken me nearly 2 decades of trial and error and $1000's on equipment and materials to develop the techniques that I use.

You see, I'm impatient. By nature I'm always looking for ways to make things quicker and easier.

I've got no time to waste. In my line of work, time is money!

I had no-one willing to share their secrets with me and to an extent I understand why, after all, it's what puts food on the table for their family.

Some people think I'm crazy for sharing all my secrets, but I 'm a believer that knowledge should be shared and not hoarded. I'm a student for life, always learning and looking for ways I can improve. I'm never satisfied at knowing everything there is to know. You can always learn from other people and that's what I find so exciting in the creative world. 

I also love to see other people succeed and be proud of what they've created.

That's why I created this how to airbrush Dvd - to allow passionate, everyday people like you paint crazy skulls and flames. By showing you the airbrush tricks to get it done, without spending a fortune on equipment or years trying to figure it out yourself.

And much more... you'll finally understand exactly how to use your airbrush to it’s full advantage... 

I'm going to teach you the exact same shortcuts I use to paint killer skulls and flames every day in my own custom paint shop.

You know what I mean, skulls and flames like this

airbrush skulls

Bottom Line, If You're a Crazy Skull Freak Like Me, This Guide Will Show You How to Paint Killer Skulls and Flames Like the Ones Shown on this Page.

"Stu, That's Exactly What I Need, But How Much Is It?"

The guys (and girls) above, who did my live workshop paid $440.00 each to learn these techniques.

And the truth is, I rarely find the time to run live workshops these days and my phone is ringing like crazy with people wanting to learn this information. 

As much as I love teaching one on one, more than likely, this is the only way you will get hold of it. 

You see, I love airbrushing. It's my obsession, my number one way to spend my time. 

And I think everybody should have the freedom to express their creativity... and it shouldn't be about spending thousands of dollars on education and equipment.

So I've made this as low-priced as possible...

... because I really do want it to be affordable to anybody with a passion to learn.

So if you go ahead and order right now, you'll get access to all of this for just $97.00 (plus $10 postage)

   how to airbrush
This 2 disc set has taken me over 1 year to produce, and it's all been professionally filmed and edited.

...The best part is you will have this as reference to go back to again and again.

This set wouldn't be complete though, if I didn't include these skull stencils. So I'm going to throw them in as a FREE bonus. (I normally sell these for $30.00 each) 

  skull stencils

These skull stencils are great for not only painting skulls but true fire as well.

That's all it is - just $97 (plus $10 postage) to be painting kick ass skulls and flames
like this in just a few
days from now!

Here's what to do now:

Hit the Buy Now button below. You'll be taken to my 100% secure order page (I use Paypal because it's safe, quick and easy)

The second your order is placed, you'll be transferred directly to Paypal to have them shipped directly to you within 24 - 48 hrs. In just a few short days you'll be painting wicked skulls and flames that will have all your buddies in amazement!

So come on, do it right now:

I'm so sure this is going to transform the way you paint skulls and flames, that I'm prepared to give you a 100% lifetime money back GUARANTEE

My guarantee really does make this a no risk deal for you.. Because I'm so confident this information works,  I'm prepared to take all the risk.

If your not convinced that your skull and flame painting skills have improved once applying my techniques I'll refund your money in full, no questions asked. And the stencils are yours to keep as a free gift from me.


P.S. here's what some of my students had to say;

airbrush how to

Hi Stuart,

Recently I attended your airbrush beginners course and then advanced course in automotive custom painting. Previous to attending I only had a basic knowledge of airbrushing on small models. This course has opened up a world of opportunity for me. I have received requests to airbrush on skateboards, cars, toolboxes and helmets. Every time I finish a project someone else wants something new painted. I have experimented with the stencils and am finding the details allows me to change them continually so each work is individual. Thank you for helping me discover this craft.

David Ellett  (top image)

 Hi Stuart,

Thank you so much for teaching me at your airbrush course. I am using everything you have taught me with my other art classes, and have now received an art scholarship. I have used your airbrush stencils and the skills you taught me in airbrushing friends skateboards and guitars. My art teacher was amazed at how quickly I had learned how to shade objects and use stencils with my art. Thank you for your help I will send you updated pictures soon.

Georgina (2nd image from top)

I learned allot with Stu at "Artistik Creations", all of the small techniques of painting skulls that you thought were difficult to achieve with Stu's help he really made it easy to learn.  I enjoy airbrushing skulls on many of my jobs, I use the techniques I learned with Stu every time.

Thanks Stu !

Matthew Gooley (3rd image from top)

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